About ContemplativeRxiv

To support a global community of scholars committed to the study of contemplation, the journal offers a free preprint service at ContemplativeRxiv. The preprint platform enables authors to submit an article at any stage of the authoring process, that is, before an article is submitted for peer-review, after an article has been peer-reviewed, or after the article is published. An advantage of posting an article before it is submitted to the JCS for peer-review includes receiving and responding to critical and constructive feedback from the scholarly community. This enables an author to improve their article before it undergoes formal peer-review, and hence, likely making the paper more publishable. An author may choose to keep an article up to elicit and receive feedback after the peer-review process. Once an article is published, the platform serves as an archive for articles published in JCS or another journal. Because the preprint platform does not possess the formatting and other accouterments of a published article, authors can more easily render their work discoverable without being reliant on review or publication timelines. A pre-published paper with its comments can be taken down by the author or left online.